how much google ads costs

How much do Google Ads services cost? Information about prices and how they are formed

Google Ads campaign price depends on two factors:

  1. Google Ads service cost. This is the amount that needs to be added to the Google Ads account balance.
  2. Implementation services cost (work carried out by a freelancer or an agency, for example). The amount depends on the level and the experience of the specialist in a particular niche.

How much money should you add to your Google Ads balance? Information about the budget and what it consists of

To understand what budget you will need for Google Ads, it is necessary to take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Advertising campaign goals (traffic, branding, direct actions);
  • Business niche, competition in your region;
  • Geotargeting;
  • Time-based targeting.

It is beneficial to use the Google Ads services, as they provide flexibility with controlling your budget – it is up to you how much and when you spend. The agency carrying out the setup is responsible for developing the most effective strategy with the given budget constraints.

  1. Advertising campaign goals. Generally, there are three types of goals:
  • Branding (increase trademark awareness and recognition);
  • Direct Actions (completed applications, e-commerce shopping baskets, filled forms);
  • Traffic (maximum number of users of a specific product or service).

It is not uncommon for clients to have two or more goals at once. For example, direct actions and branding.

  1. Niche. There are niches where a budget of 100€ is enough to cover 100% of the demand, however some niches exist where 100€ is only going to cover a single click. Due to this it’s possible to answer the question about the services cost only after researching the niche and the keywords used.
  2. Geotargeting. Google Ads advertising campaign budget is going to be lower in smaller regions, which is why it is important for the implementer to take geotargeting into consideration and optimize the amount the client will require to spend.
  3. Time-based targeting. Your daily budget depends on when it is best to show the ads from Google Ads. Because of this the implementer is always confirming with the client when exactly the ads should be shown (Mon-Fri 08:00 – 18:00, on weekends, on holidays, 24/7 etc).

Lost views because of the budget

The “Quick Stats” section in Google Ads allows retrieving a report containing a ratio of views lost because of the budget. This document contains the information about whether the daily budget is large enough to cover 100% of the demand. If not, it’s worth discussing the limit increase as it will allow you to reach the maximum number of users interested in your goods or services.

How can you calculate your Google Ads budget and take into consideration all possible expenses? The best option is to use a test advertising campaign.

What do you need to pay for in Ads? What do the prices and budgets depend on

Google Ads suggests the following working schemes:

  1. Pay-per-click or “PPC”. Money is deducted after each ad impression (click).
  2. Cost per Action or “CPA”. The client pays for concrete goal-contributing actions that the users make: payment for a purchase, form completion, call, registration, etc. No payment is made for separate clicks.
  3. Cost per Millenium or “CPM”. Money is deducted after 1000 ad demonstrations. This option is available in Context Medium Network, perfectly suitable for branding goals.
  4. Cost per Engagement or “CPE”. The payment takes place if the user shows interest in the goods or services – maximizes the ads section, views a video etc.

How much does the Google Ads configuration cost?

The implementation services payment is included in the total advertising campaign cost. Generally the configuration cost depends on the conditions of the specialist. There are various schemes that can be used here:

  • payment for the scope of work;
  • fixed amount for one month (or any other period);
  • % of campaign budget;
  • payment per hour or per day.

It is important to choose the option that will allow you to maximize your return on investment (ROI).