Google Ads Account Audit

Are you looking to optimize your advertising campaign and reduce the costs of running it? Ordering a Google Ads contextual advertising audit can be a reasonable and effective way to solve the problem.

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    main purpose of the audit

    Identify weaknesses in advertising campaigns that can prevent effective customer acquisition and unnecessary budget expenditures. It represents an analysis of the advertising account in order to identify problems and offer solutions for their optimization.

    When you should consider ordering a professional audit of contextual advertising:

    • You have independently set up and launched a campaign, but you have doubts about the correctness of the actions performed.Obtaining the expert opinion of a specialist will help to identify possible deficiencies and improve settings.
    • Search ads was previously set up by third-party contractors or agencies, and you want to assess the quality and effectiveness of their work, as well as the rational use of budget.
    • The cost of leads is too high, and you are trying to understand the reasons why investments in advertising do not bring expected returns.
    • Search ads has been set up by third-party agencies, and you need to assess the quality and effectiveness of their work you need to assess the quality and effectiveness of their work as well as the use of the budget.
    • You need to identify, the most effective keywords in customer acquisition and lead generation.

    advertising audit tasks

    1. Check account settings: audience, budgets, keywords, bids, etc.
    2. Evaluating keyword and ad relevance: optimizing keywords and ad content.
    3. Analyzing the structure of campaigns and ad groups: optimizing ad segmentation and organization.
    4. Study of the quality of landings and preendings: optimization of conversion pages.
    5. Analyzing performance indicators: CTR, CPA, ROAS and other metrics.
    6. Check targeting and use of ad extensions.
    7. Providing recommendations and action for campaign optimization.

    When starting to work on a project, it is important for the experts to immerse themselves in the subject of the customer's business, understand its goals and objectives, in order to conduct a goal-oriented contextual advertising audit of the highest quality, which will bring real benefit and improve the results of the advertising campaign.

    Problems that reduce the effectiveness of advertising

    Confusing campaign structure

    Too many groups of ads with the same name and different keywords, which makes it difficult to control and analyze the campaign.

    High Bounce Rate

    Low relevance of ads and content on the landing page, which leads to quick abandonment and drop in conversions.

    Insufficient relevance of key queries

    Ads are not related to the interests of the target audience, which reduces the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

    Lack of ad extensions

    Use additional ad extensions to increase CTR and conversions.

    Identical bids for all queries

    Lack of individual bids for different keywords makes advertising for conversion queries ineffective.

    Poor keyword selection

    You may be targeting keywords that are overpriced for conversions, resulting in inefficient spending.

    Not using product ads

    This is an extremely effective high-conversion ad format for large stores.

    Failed remarketing

    Failure to analyze the stages of the sales funnel when setting up remarketing campaigns.

    Strong competition

    Ads don't stand up to the competition due to ineffective strategy or weak USP.

    An advertising audit in Google Ads will help identify these and other problems, as well as provide recommendations and an action plan to optimize the campaign and improve its results. This will reduce the cost of customer acquisition and improve the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, leading to increased profitability and success in business development.

    What a contextual advertising audit involves

    Conducting an advertising and analytics system audit is an important step to optimize and improve the effectiveness of contextual advertising in Google Ads. Below is a detailed description of each of the audit items.

    Audit of the advertising account

    1. Check geolocation targeting and language settings: The correctness of the geographic locations and languages for ad targeting is checked. This helps ensure that ads are shown where relevant to your audience.
    2. Budget limits: the allocated budget for each campaign and ad is analyzed. It checks that budgets are allocated optimally to achieve your goals.
    3. Correctness of display on different devices: make sure that ads are displayed well on different devices.
    4. Reasonableness of campaign type selection: analyze the choice of campaign types and their compliance with the set advertising objectives.
    5. Integration with analytics services: This checks whether the settings are in place and are correct for the integration with analytics tools for more detailed information on ad effectiveness.
    6. Bid and bid strategy: analyzes bid and bid strategy to optimize impressions and improve ad positions.
    7. Keyword and Ad Relevance Assessment: Checks whether keywords and ads are relevant to your goals and audience.
    8. Evaluate budget allocation: checks if there is enough budget for all advertising tools and campaigns and recommends budget allocation to maximize effectiveness.
    9. Query validation: it is analyzed that the queries and correctly defined to exclude unwanted displays.
    10. Analyzing ad and keyword matching: it is checked that ads match keywords and how this affects their effectiveness.
    11. Detecting flaws on landing pages and checking links for performance: analyzes the quality and relevance of landing pages and checks the performance of all links.

    Analyze analytics systems

    1. Ensure that analytics data is correctly collected and transmitted.
    2. We study visitors' behavior on the site, their interests and refusals, which is used to optimize campaigns.
    3. Analyze how successfully the goals of advertising campaigns are achieved.
    4. We assess the probability of losses provoked by weak rankings, as well as the correctness of budgeting to adjust the strategy.

    Cost of audit

    The cost of a Google Ads customization audit depends on factors such as the level of campaign complexity, data volume, required depth of analysis, geographic targeting and other parameters.

    In order for us to calculate more accurately the cost of customization of your advertising office, leave a request and we will contact you.

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      What the client gets

      You will be provided with a detailed report with a list of necessary improvements. In addition, a well-thought-out account structure and contextual advertising promotion strategy will be developed, and you will be provided with a list of other changes to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

      A list of other changes to improve the effectiveness of campaigns - identifying problems and weaknesses in your advertising campaign in order to reduce the cost of attracting audiences and maximize the return on advertising investment.