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Using video advertising on YouTube is one of the most effective ways of promotion for many business lines today. As opposed to TV, it costs a reasonable amount of money but is just as effective, making this type of advertising ideal for small entrepreneurs.

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    Why YouTube adverts are needed

    1. Huge audience:

      YouTube is used by 2.51 billion people, of which more than 1.05 million are Estonian residents. Thus, the reach of the ads is now 79.3 per cent of the country's total population.YouTube ads reached 86.2 per cent of Estonia's total internet audience (regardless of age) in January 2022. At that time, 52.8 per cent of the YouTube advertising audience in Estonia was female and 47.2 per cent was male.

    2. Flexible targeting:

      YouTube advertising offers the ability to reach interested people through various targeting parameters. This allows you to optimise your advertising campaigns and target your audience as precisely as possible.

    3. Proprietary analytics system:

      Google Ads provides extensive analytics capabilities that enable detailed analysis of user behaviour on the platform. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and make the necessary adjustments to improve results.

    4. The effectiveness of YouTube advertising and its combination with other promotional methods:

      YouTube advertising demonstrates its effectiveness both as a standalone tool and in combination with other promotion methods. Flexible settings make YouTube video advertising a powerful tool for achieving business marketing goals. Thanks to the variety of advertising formats, it is possible to choose the most appropriate way of presenting content depending on the target audience and the goals of the advertising campaign.

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      Types of advertising on YouTube

      Media Ads.

      Media Ads are shown on the YouTube homepage, in search results, in recommendations, and on Google's partner sites. Benefits:

      • No manual setup required.
      • Banners are created automatically.
      • Conversions grow automatically.



      Masthead are large-format native banners that show up on top of the YouTube homepage. Benefits:

      • Impressive full-width native banner.
      • Suitable for large advertisers and displayed on Smart TVs.


      In Stream (unskippable):

      This format presents a commercial up to 15 seconds long that cannot be skipped. This type attracts more attention and obliges the audience to watch it to the end before moving on to the main video. Therefore, the ad script should be the most succinct. Advantages:

      • Attracting increased attention and overcoming banner blindness.
      • Mandatory viewing of the advert to the end before proceeding to the main video.


      In Stream (skippable):

      This is a short clip that can be shown before, in the middle or after the main video. The user can skip the advert 5 seconds after the start of viewing, in which case the advertiser's budget is not deducted. Advantages:

      • Only full or 30-second views are debited.
      • Ability to test audiences and targeting at minimal cost.
      • Effective for increasing reach for large brands.


      Bumper Ads:

      These are short 6 second clips that are shown before the video. Advantage:

      • Used for remarketing and reminding customers of an already recognisable company.


      Discovery Ads:

      This format promotes the video on the recommendations page and in search results. Benefits:

      • Help increase the number of views for a particular video.
      • Can be used without an active link to the site, which is unique to this format.


      Strengths of contextual advertising on YouTube:

      1. Huge user base: YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform in the world with billions of registered users, which provides high audience reach for advertisers.
      2. Increased brand awareness: the large number of active users on the platform creates a great opportunity to increase company awareness and promote the brand.
      3. Increased conversion and sales: the video format of YouTube advertising has a high conversion rate, as many consumers prefer to study reviews and testimonials in this format before making purchases.
      4. Efficiency of investments: contextual advertising on YouTube has relatively low competition in the Ukrainian market, which allows you to launch advertising campaigns with a minimal budget.
      5. Convenient contact with the audience: video advertising on YouTube provides an opportunity to present a brand or product in a relaxed and comfortable environment for users.
      6. Transparent analytics: using Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics tools, advertisers can effectively measure the results of their advertising campaigns and improve their effectiveness based on statistics.

      What kind of video is suitable for advertising on YouTube

      • The length of the video should be between 12 and 30 seconds to engage the viewer and present the main message of the ad.
      • It is important to reveal the main idea of the ad at the very beginning of the story (in the first 5 to 10 seconds) to grab attention even from those who might skip the ad.
      • Use various marketing tools such as lead magnets, sales triggers and calls to action (CTAs) to increase the conversion rate of the ad.
      • After clicking on the ad, it is better to redirect the user to a specially prepared preloading (intermediate page) and then to the main website to increase leads and improve the user experience.

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        How to analyze advertising in YouTube videos

        The following metrics are used to analyze YouTube ads:

        1. CPV: allows you to calculate the average cost per view of an ad video.
        2. CTR: the share of conversions to the site or reactions to the ad among users who viewed it.
        3. Engagement Rate: shows statistics on user interactions with ads, such as reviews, comments, likes, etc.
        4. Audience Retention: allows you to determine the average viewing time of a video, which helps you understand how interested viewers are in the ad.
        5. CPA: shows the ratio between conversions received and the total number of views.

        YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics tools can be used to analyze YouTube advertising, which will provide detailed information about video popularity and interaction, as well as measure conversions and determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

        Analyzing the effectiveness of media advertising on YouTube is done through a personal account, where advertisers can get answers to a number of important questions:

        1. Effectiveness of ad text: you can test different ad text options and determine which ones attract more attention and generate more conversions.
        2. Appropriate ad format: test different ad formats such as TrueView video ads, bumper ads, insert ads, etc. to determine which format best suits your goals and audience.
        3. Targeting and its effectiveness: use targeting data to find out which audience segments show low conversion rates and eliminate them from your ad strategy to optimize your budget.
        4. Audience Engagement: Analyze demographic data to determine which audience segments are most interested in your ads, so you can focus your advertising efforts on the most promising user groups.