Set up Google Analytics 4 incl. events and goals

The most important things you need to know

Online promotion is the most effective way to reach potential customers. Around 60% of people in Europe go online at least once a day, and missing out on those who could become your customers can be an unacceptable luxury. Analytics services are your main helper in preventing this from happening. Properly setting up a tool like Google Analytics 4 can help you reach interested customers. We're here to reveal the secret to making GA4 work for you, and make advertising effective for real.

What does analytics provide?

By installing Google Analytics 4, you'll know exactly how customers are interacting with your website. This will help you accurately target customer inquiries, improve user experience and make advertising more effective. GA4 also gives you access to machine learning and data analytics technologies to automate analytics, identify trends, and increase your business' online visibility with suggested recommendations.

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    What are the benefits of Google Analytics 4 for promotion?

    With GA4, you can create accurate and detailed profiles of your audience
    GA4 generates complete analytics about purchases on your website or app
    The Service collects information about content popularity and interaction with it
    The tool is integrated into Google's advertising platforms, allowing you to track the effectiveness of ads and their impact on user behavior
    The service provides in-depth analysis of data on customer behavior on the site and in apps

    Why GA4?

    1. Fresh Architecture.

      Google Analytics 4 captures mobile events from within the app, supports cross-device tracking.

    2. Machine Learning.

      Google Analytics 4 utilizes machine learning technologies to provide more accurate and useful data, and to discover valuable customers automatically.

    3. Advanced Event Handling

      Google Analytics 4 makes accounting for all events on a site or app flexible, allowing you to analyze complex user actions.

    4. Enhanced Personalization.

      GA4 provides deeper analysis of user audiences, allowing you to create personalized reports and gain more valuable insights into customer behavior.

    5. Easy Migration.

      Migrating from a previous version of Google Analytics is now even easier

    Setup Checklist

    1. Create a Google Analytics 4 account
    2. Get the tracking code and install it on your resource
    3. Set up goal and event tracking to measure important user actions
    4. Connect Google's advertising platforms to analyze campaign performance
    5. Create custom reports and segments for deeper data analysis
    6. Monitor data regularly and make adjustments to optimize your ad campaign

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    Our managers will contact you as soon as possible!

      If you are struggling to connect and set up Google Analytics 4 on your own, we are happy to solve the problem. By ordering the GA4 setup from us, you can rest assured that everything is working and data is being collected as it should.